ventuSYS® – the innovative mattress system

Especially in the medical section continuous lying and insufficient air circulation on conventional medical positioning systems can lead to pressure sores and cause irritations of the skin or even open wounds in many cases. The VentuSYS-System now provides an aid which was specially developed for the healthcare industry. The innovatively developed spacer fabrics provide the appropriate amount of point elasticity and elastic recovery. Moreover, it has a thermoregulating quality and offers pressure relief.

Our system of a new type consists of two components. The upper climate control unit is composed of 40 mm of spacer fabrics with a removable cover.
Underneath there is a core made of PU foam material 80 mm high and of high quality. The core is encased by a breathable bacteria-proof and body fluid-resistant PU-cover which can be disinfected.

Using our system you provide your patient with a maximum lying and climate comfort and thus you are able to additionally support their recovery.
Depending on the degree of the illness and in case of appropriate treatment it can prevent decubitus pressure sore and even contribute to recovery if it is applied correctly.